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Best MMA team in India and Best Rivalry in Indian MMA: Daniel Isaac Opens Up

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30 December 2020

One Dojo rolled out another exciting episode of CageSide last day and had AIMMAA (All India Mixed Martial Arts Association) Founder and GAMMAF (Global Authority of Mixed Martial Arts Federations) Vice President Daniel Isaac on the show as the guest.

During the chat, Daniel Isaac opened up about a string of topics including the launch of his new website He revealed the importance of having sanctioning bodies for MMA events, his upcoming seminar in Nashik which is titled ‘Mujhe MMA Khelna Hain’ [I want to play MMA], and much more.

Towards the end of the chat, Daniel was posed with questions about the best rivalries in Indian MMA and the Best MMA team in India.

I think that a guy like Jason Ramesh Solomon is usually picking rivalries with other fighters on purpose. Jason knows how to market himself so he’s usually picking on other fighters, kind of creating a rivalry with other fighters to promote the fight. So I think a lot of fun rivalries that people are interested in Indian MMA usually has Jason involved,” he said.

He further went on to note that the rivalry between Pawan Maan Singh and Sandeep Dahiya was something that had a lot of heat.

“The one that I think created a lot of hype in MFN was the rivalry between Pawan and Sandeep. I think the rivalry got a lot of attention and I think although Pawan settled with a clean and decisive win, there was a lot of animosity and a lot of trash-talking online between supporters of both the guys.  Unfortunately, I got dragged to that as well but yeah, I think that one had a lot of interest within the MMA community,” he noted.

When it came to the question about the best MMA team in India, here is what Daniel had to say.

“I would say that there are a couple of teams but I don’t think Indian MMA has reached a point to have just one best Indian fight team and although I have not actually looked at the statistics to answer this question, I do feel that there are quite a few teams that have made their presence in Indian MMA over the past few years. Teams like ICSA (Indian Combat Sports Academy) in Bangalore, whether it's Crosstrain Fight Club from Delhi, whether it’s the MMA Matrix Training center, are all the training camps that are actively training fighters for the development of the Indian MMA circuit. So I think we should be able to have an answer on the best Indian MMA fight team in 2021,” he said.

You can watch the full chat above. Let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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