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Khabib Nurmagomedov asks UFC Welterweights to boycott Colby Covington

LockerRoom Team
24 March 2022

Following the recent incident between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal, Khabib Nurmagomodov has urged the UFC welterweights to boycott fighting with Colby Covington. Khabib noted the same in a Twitter post earlier today where he detailed that what Covington did was not right.

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You can see the post from Khabib below.

“If you are stronger than someone inside the octagon, it does not mean that you can insult his children. No one has the right to insult someone’s family. Once you have gone down this path, then be ready to back up your words. You were attacked by a professional fighter, the same as you are, your own size, and you go press charges against him to the police? I think all welterweights should refuse to fight Colby, just don’t accept fights with him, let him sit without a fight, it will probably significantly affect him and all fighters who even think of insulting families, who is provoking the fighters to look for someone in restaurants to deal with him,” Khabib wrote.

Masvidal reportedly ambushed Covington in Miami last day and was arrested as a result. Khabib’s tweet was referring to the incident. Covington and Masvidal fought recently at UFC 272 with Covington taking home a dominant victory.

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There was a lot of heat leading up to the fight between the former teammates and it would be interesting to see where things go from here.


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