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Bryan Caraway comments on UFC 249 cancellation, COVID-19 Lockdown and more

LockerRoom Team
18 April 2020

Although the whole world might be in lockdown, UFC has been all over the news. The company’s decision to move forward with UFC 249 was the first major story that came down and then Dana White dropped the idea of Fight Island as well.

Now that everything has come to a halt as of now, the fans and the fighters have time to sit back and reflect on the things that happened. Former UFC Bantamweight Bryan Caraway did just that during his recent appearance on the SONY Sports Pit Stop show.

Bryan, who joined SONY’s UFC panellists, Sudhi Sachdev, Arjun Chipalakatti and Somesh Kamra, talked about a string of topics including the UFC 249 situation and the fight Island. You can see his quotes below:

On UFC 249 getting postponed

“A lot of people didn’t believe it at first and took it as a cold shoulder. And it’s really hard to understand something until it’s happened in your home country or at your home. Everyone thinks all of this is not going to happen to me! And I personally know rose from a very long time and my heart goes out to her. And I think it was extremely intelligent of Disney and ESPN and Dana White to decide to take a step back and release people’s lives and you got to give him for his passion. He has given the fight and island and he is trying to make it happen and it’s the first sports which has gone ahead and given the fans what they want. The world is inside their homes. And there is definitely appreciation there but also the responsibility to be smart enough of the situation”

His thoughts on Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje

“Justin Gaethje stepped up to fight Tony Ferguson and that’s a great fight too. But the Khabib-Ferguson is long overdue. They had scheduled it 5 times before, since 2015. Fans have been longing for this, I have been longing for this, I am so pumped for that and I still think whether it's going to happen or not because Justin Gaethje just stepped in. But Dana White is a pretty man of his word if he decides Justin Gaethje is going to have a fight because he stepped in the time of crisis. I feel that they would make Khabib fight Ferguson and then make Justin Gaethje the winner, as he stepped up to save the card,”

The Idea of Dana White’s Fight Island

“Its really cool! Its gives you something different. Something to get excited about in terms of the play, members, etc. And being able to get a private island, there will be a lot of things they will be able to do being there like stay regulations, commissions. This might open up and play a different mix of flavors of things and its really going to help the entertainment side of the sport.  We can also do that outdoor island show because it’s the fight island. The whole purpose is to make it like a Disneyland or like a theme park. There are so many things which raises in my mind as a business man and as a fan. And it can be really cool and fin, and this is exactly what UFC needs we are already the ultimate fighters and we can really take off and grow into something really cool!”

The Coronavirus Lockdown

“Everyone I know wants to get back! They want to train, the gyms are shut down, its been tough for everybody, financially etc. For fighters, we are used to training regimens and we have a lot of energy and now we are finding ways to go to the parks. But you can always look at the positives also, we get to go outside more. The earth is healing a little but with less traffic and all. But we actually can’t wait when the gyms open”

This week, the show will be hosting Maxim Leijdekkar who is the coach of the legendary Fedor Emelianenko. You can also watch nonstop action and all the interesting fights of UFC @7 every day on SONY TEN 2 at 7:00pm (IST)


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