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Vitor Belfort calls out Brock Lesnar for a fight, thinks Lesnar is a fraud

LockerRoom Team
04 September 2020

The release of Brock Lesnar from WWE has resulted in a lot of rumors and the latest name that has called out the former UFC Heavyweight champion is Vitor Belfort.

Vitor, who is currently signed with ONE Championship, in his interview with Submission Radio noted that he is ready to fight Brock Lesnar and also went on to say that Lesnar ‘is a fraud’.

“Brock Lesnar, I think you’re a fraud. But I’ll give you a chance,” Belfort said. “I think you’re a fraud. If you really want to fight with me, let’s go bare hands, me and you. We put the gloves, we go combat, you know? I know you’re a very tough man. I heard you’re a grappler, but I’ll fight you, man. I’ll fight you any day, any time, and I think that’s a legendary fight right there. But I think he’s a fraud in MMA,” Belfort noted. [Transcribed by MMA fighting].

Vitor is expected to make his ONE Championship debut against Alain Ngalani soon at Heavyweight and laid down some heavy criticism on Lesnar.

“(He’s a) fraud because he never paved the way, man,” Belfort said. “He never fought MMA. He went there and he got a chance. He fought for the belt after one fight. Listen, I tell this to everyone, you listen to me very clearly, the only sport in the world, the only sport in the world where you can come in from any other sport, is MMA. An MMA fighter can never cross to football. They can never cross. Michael Jordan tried to cross from baseball and he couldn’t make it. Why? Because you have a process to make it. So, that’s what it is,” Belfort added.

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Image Courtesy: UFC


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