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Former UFC champion Brock Lesnar details his battle with social anxiety

LockerRoom Team
20 February 2022

Brock Lesnar is hands down one of the most intimidating names in professional wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. The former UFC Champion is now busy with his run in the WWE and recently, in a rare interview, he opened up about his battles with social anxiety.

The WWE superstar appeared on The Pat McAfee Show this past week and said that he hibernates himself after his public appearances.

“I have a total crash after being in front of audiences. Like I go hibernate in Saskatchewan. I like my downers, the anxiety from all that takes me a few days to recover,” Lesnar said.

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He further went on to add that performing in front of the audience is something that exhausts him.

“I like to go and just get away from the people. It’s not that I dislike people. I mean, it’s not been that way but some people I don’t like. I just like to be left the f**k alone because if I’m in front of an audience then it just exhausts me. So I gotta go and recharge up,” he added.

Lesnar had recently won the Royal Rumble in WWE and is all set to headline WrestleMania. As for his MMA career, he last appeared in the UFC for UFC 200 where he fought Mark Hunt.

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