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Exclusive: Kushal Vyas plans to stand and trade with Mohammed Farhad at Brave CF 30

Renjith Ravindran
22 November 2019

Mohammed Farhad vs. Rana Rudra Pratap Singh was one of the most anticipated fights on the Brave CF 30 fight card. The fight which was initially set to happen on the prelims was moved to the main card by the promotion based on popular opinion and the hype surrounding it was at an all-time high as well.

Things, however, came crashing down just four days out of the fight when Rana Rudra Pratap Singh pulled out due to contract conflicts. This left Farhad without an opponent for the card and just like he has done through most part of his career, Kushal Vyas decided to take the fight on short notice and save the day.

A well-known name in the Indian MMA scene, Kushal is no stranger to short notice fights.

“Almost 50% of my career pro MMA fights I have fought on short notice.  Last year I fought in Brave CF, I took that fight on 1 day short notice, another fight I fought in kumite1 league it was on 3 days short notice, Body force fighting Championship again 3 days short notice. Since, Farhad knew he is fighting Rana Singh, he was preparing for him. And suddenly 3 days before his fight, the opponent gets changed. This can bring impact ton his game plan,” he said.

Kushal also feels that the short notice opponent change is something that will turn out to be an advantage for him.  

“Farhad already knew that he is fighting in Brave CF 30.  So he got time to train for fight. But still I have advantage because of change of opponent could bring him to change in game plan in short time,” he added.

Farhad is known to be a huge threat when the fight is in stand-up with 9 out of his 10 victories coming via either KO or TKO. Despite this scary record that Farhad holds, Kushal is confident that he can stand and bang with his fellow India.

“My base is from boxing as well as I am purple belt in BJJ. I’m okay if he wants do stand-up and fight or goes to the ground and grapple. But this time I am planning to keep the fight stand up, there some game plan behind that,” he added.

Despite the short notice fight, getting a win over Farhad will be a huge boost for Kushal and he has his eyes set on his next opponent as well: Kantharaj Agasa.

“Of course, Farhad is a good fighter as well as he had fought in Brave CF 3 times. Getting a win over him can bring me to a good ranking in India. Rather than Farhad, I would like to fight Kantaraj Agasa,” he said.

‘The Maniac’ concluded the interview by saying that the fight at Brave CF 30 won’t be an easy one for Farhad as most people are expecting.

Brave CF 30 happens on November 23, 2019 in Hyderabad and will be headlined by the Bantamweight title fight between Stephen Loman and Louie Sanoudakis

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