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BodyForce FC Goa: Charles and Ajith Kumar win the main events, Complete results

LockerRoom Team
03 December 2019

BodyForce Fighting Championship hosted two exciting fight cards last day in Goa and delivered some solid action as expected. More than 15 fights were on offer across MMA and semi-pro kick boxing at the event with Peter Charles vs. Sanford Remedios headlining the MMA card while Basavesh vs. Ajit Kumar headlined the kickboxing card.

In the headliner, Peter Charles produced a knockout of the night and stopped Stanford to take home the win while Themriyo Muinao also got a highlight reel KO against Jamshed in the MMA card.

Deep Balik Anand, Ritwik Sharma, Pawan Semwal, Sharath Mohan and Sumit Jadhav also picked up wins on the MMA card. Walter Fernandes got the quickest stoppage of the night when he stopped Shammas Abdul Lateef.

In the Kickboxing card, Ajith Kumar emerged victorious against Basavesh in the main event while Pooja Arya got the better of Durga Madhavan in the co-main event. Amith Viswanath produced yet another solid performance to take home the win when Naveen, Aamer Ali, Anuj BK and Vasant Manerkar also got victories.

Below are the complete results from the event.

MMA Card:

  • Peter Charles def. Sanford Remedios
  • Deep Balik Anand def. Gogi Nikhil
  • Themriyo Muinao def. Jamshed
  • Ritwik Sharma def. Abdul Samad
  • Pawan Semwal def. Shoaib Khan
  • Sharath Mohan def. Awaiz Khan
  • Walter Fernandes def. Shammas Abdul Lateef
  • Sumit Jadhav def. Haleem Muqshit

Kickboxing Card:

  • Ajith Kumar def. Basavesh
  • Pooja Arya def. Durga Madhavan
  • Amith Vishwanath def. Basant Sharma
  • Naveen def. Rahul P
  • Anuj BK def. Yash Naik
  • Vasant B Manerkar def. Roshin Jose


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