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Indian MMA fighter Gaurav Gulliya details the benefits of fasting (Hindi)

LockerRoom Team
12 April 2020

Fasting is something that can produce some drastic changes in your body. Whether you are doing it for cleansing your body or to lose weight, if done correctly, it can do wonders for you.

And with the whole world in lockdown due to the coronavirus situation, this would be a great time for you to experiment with your fitness routines and find out what is best for your body. If you were having trouble deciding whether or not you should do fasting as part of your fitness routine, here is a video that can help you.

In the video below, Indian MMA fighter Gaurav Gulliya explains the benefits of fasting and how it can help you. He details how fasting impacts your hormones, insulin levels and mental health among others.

What do you think of the video? Drop a comment on the YouTube channel and let Gaurav know.


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