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BRAVE CF News: Alex Martinez and the move that turned him into a hot prospect

LockerRoom Team
07 June 2020

Born in Encarnación, Paraguay, BRAVE CF Lightweight contender Alex Martínez has a unique perspective on life.

After he and his family moved to Canada when he was 14, he started on a new road that led him to become one of the most underrated young fighters in the mixed martial arts world. He currently represents both Paraguay and Canada, which as fate would have it, was the right move to make - for his life and for his career as a martial artist.

Son of Luis Martínez, a taekwondo master, Alex didn't take martial arts seriously before making the move up north, but he knew that was his passion all along. In Canada, he had to find a voice in new surroundings, and martial arts provided him with an outlet to do so.

Before that, however, taekwondo was already a part of his life - and competition would bring the best out of him. Alex credits finding his passion for his introduction to the competitive side of martial arts. Something that would be important to him years later as he made his transition to MMA.

While he learned a new language and started to transform from a shy kid to a confident young man, Alex always counted on two things - martial arts and his faith in God. It was through the church he met his wife Olivia and the reason why he's still undefeated.

"I wouldn't be where I am without my wife. I knew that I had to give it my all in MMA with her by my side. So I decided to go pro, and give it a real shot. I gave it my all, and now I am where I am", said Martínez before his debut fight for BRAVE CF, back in South Africa, in December of 2018.

At BRAVE CF 19, he scored a submission victory over Hanru Botha, and was immediately thrown to the wolves as he fought highly-touted Anas Siraj Mounir twice - their first encounter ended after only a few seconds due to an accidental low blow by Alex. In their second fight, however, Martínez came out viciously and scored a stunning KO victory to move up the rankings.

Currently standing undefeated at 6-0-0, 1 NC, Alex has bigger fish to fry and has been taking an invested interest in how the division is moving along as he makes his way to the top.

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