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Avi Mittal reveals the reason behind the League Format of Super Fight League

LockerRoom Team
11 August 2020

Avi Mittal has been an active name in the Indian Mixed Martial Arts scene for quite a long time now. He was one of the partners of the Super Fight League and is now the Honourable chairman of All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA) as well.

Our friends over at the MMA Chat caught up with Avi for an interview last day where he talked about a string of topics. One of the topics covered by Avi was the vision which was behind the league format of Super Fight League. He noted that the idea was to create a fan base for the sport and create awareness in the local areas.

“The whole team format was very different and unique. What we wanted to basically create using the format was more of a fan base and engagement of people into Mixed Martial Arts. So we brought together this recipe where we brought together a known brand or people’s brand which was the corporate owner of the team and brought together from those local areas, Bollywood celebrities, to engage into that team as celebrity co-owners and of course, local fighters as well. So to create a fan base and to make people more aware of the sport of MMA was the goal or mission behind it,” he noted.

Along with this, he also opened up about his thoughts about MMA in India, Matrix Fight Night and much more. You can check out the complete interview above.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Avi Mittal


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