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Aung La N Sang gives his prediction for Moraes vs. Johnson II

LockerRoom Team
24 June 2022

Former ONE Championship double champion Aung La N Sang has given his take on Adriano Moraes vs. Demetrious Johnson II. The fight between Moraes and Johnson is set to happen at ONE 161 on Friday, 26 August and will happen during North American prime time.

Speaking to ONE Championship recently, Aung La noted that it could end up being the fight of the year.

“I think this could be the fight of the year. They’re both great fighters, so it could be,” he said.

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Aung La further went on to add that Moraes has a size advantage which will give him the upper hand.

“Physically for a flyweight, Adriano is so big. He’s bigger than most bantamweights, and for him to make flyweight so easily, it’s insane. I think Adriano has a very good chance of beating DJ again,” The Burmese Python noted.

Speaking further, he noted that the result of the first fight was not a surprise to him.

“To me, it was not a shock at all. We practice the sport of mixed martial arts. How can you say one person from another league is better when we’re doing the same thing and putting in the same hard work? [Moraes] was a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt at a very young age. He’s got good boxing. He’s as big as they get for flyweight. His build, his size, his skill set, his physical attributes, they all make him the real deal. [The first fight was] not a surprise. It’s not a fluke. You’ll see it in the next fight. I’m not saying that Adriano is going to win for sure, but he has a very, very good chance of beating DJ again,” Aung La added.

What do you think of the fight between Demetrious Johnson and Adriano Moraes? Let us know in the comment section below.


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