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I am proud to be from Russia: Artem Vakhitov reacts to ban on Russian fighters

LockerRoom Team
13 July 2022

Former GLORY Light Heavyweight champion Artem Vakhitov has reacted to the ban of Russian fighters by GLORY.

During his recent interview, Vakhitov noted that the ban was disrespectful and pointed out that promotions like UFC or Bellator did not do anything similar.

“I found out from a post on Instagram. That was disrespectful. Other organizations, like UFC and Bellator, and others in professional boxing, they did not do anything like this. It is not right,” he noted [via SI].

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He further went on to add that the ban is not due to Visa issues like most people claim it to be.

“Apparently, it is a visa issue, but we have not had any visa issues because we were all approved for five-year visas–and it hasn’t even been a year. The second reason we were told is because of problems wiring fight pay, but none of us had issues because we all have international bank accounts. And another reason was due to safety. But I think this is the only organization out of all the professional promotions to act this way and end the contracts of the Russian fighters,” he added.

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Speaking further, The Russian said that sports should stay outside of politics and concluded by saying that he is a proud Russian.

“I do not voice my opinion. I am not a politician. I think that sports should stay outside of politics. It is my motherland. I am proud to be from Russian,” he added.

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