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Everyday comes new laws: Volkov details troubles while travelling from Russia

LockerRoom Team
17 March 2022

UFC Fighter Alexander Volkov is all set to fight in the main event of UFC London this weekend. Volkov will be going up against hometown hero Tom Aspinall at the event. While he has a huge challenge in front of him, getting to London for the fight amidst the chaos in Russia was a bigger task for the Heavyweight contender.

He revealed that he was afraid whether he would be able to pass the Russian customs.

“It was a concern for me, too. We were afraid we wouldn’t be able to pass Russian customs [or] any other customs because as normal people we have no idea what’s happening to the customs. Everyday comes new laws and stuff,” Volkov said (h/t MMA Fighting)

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He further went on to add that the journey to London took him almost a day when it could have been covered in four hours on normal circumstances.

“The only difference for me right now was that I flew almost for a day. Before it was four hours [to travel to London]. Usually, I would be here in four hours but I spent in the flight the same time that I would go to the U.S. and back,” he added.

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Volkov also said that he had to switch off from social media to prepare for the fight.

“The preparation for the fight is always hard even without all of this. The only way I was able to prepare was I turned off my social media networks and everything. I stopped reading any news. It was the only way for me to prepare. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to prepare or do anything on training. So it’s very hard but being professional and to exclude yourself from all the informational fields is the only way to prepare for the fight,” he added.

What do you think will happen in the main event of UFC London? Let us know in the comment section of the article below.

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