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Afghan MMA fighter Farhad Hazratzada opens up about his love for India

Farhad Hazratzada is no stranger to India. He has spent almost his entire MMA career in India and was one of the notable names in the Super Fight League.

Currently holding a professional record of 5-2 to his name according to Tapology, Farhad’s last MMA fight came at BRAVE CF 30 when he secured a win against Nidhin Koshy in Hyderabad after which he ventured into boxing in 2019 when he fought in the undercard of Khan vs. Dib in Saudi Arabia.

He is looking forward to getting back into action soon and amidst this, our friends over at the MMA chat managed to catch up with Farhad Hazratzada for a chat.

During the interview, Farhad revealed that he came to India initially to scout universities for his higher studies and after his return to Afghanistan; he managed to land a scholarship due to his academic brilliance which brought him back to the nation.

“I got very best scores in an exam so the Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan gave me a scholarship to India and since I knew a lot of people in Pune, I selected a university in Pune. So I started my studies and with my studies, I met many friends, good people and coaches like Shantanu, who runs Dragon MMA Gym. I got many opportunities and I made advantage of those opportunities and fought in different promotions in India,” he notes.

Farhad also noted that he is ready to compete in both boxing and MMA if he get good opportunities and went on to thank everyone in India for the support that they have shown him.

I would like to thank all of India and Indian people for their support, their love, their respect. Because whenever I’m in India, I never feel that I’m in a foreign country. I feel that this is my own country and this is my home. The people in India and the people here in Afghanistan are like one family to me. I got a lot of love from them, I would like to thank you very much and I hope that I will come again to India and I will make my career in MMA. And I will make sure that the Afghanistan – India brotherhood is really strong,” he added.

He also added that the World is one and that he hopes that one day, there will be no boundaries. You can check out the complete interview in the video embedded above.