ADCC India Open: Crosstrain Fight Club sweeps the event, Full List of medal winners

Renjith Ravindran
24 June 2019

The first ever ADCC event in India happened this past weekend in Delhi and it was dominated by Crosstrain Fight Club which won a total of 19 medals.

The event saw participation from grapplers across the nation and also featured a list of international names as well.

Crosstrain Fight Club had recently impressed at the ASJFF Asian Open Championship and at the ADCC India Open, the team went on to win 10 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals.

Elsewhere, Team Boymurodov was another team that stood out as they managed to win 9 medals (5 Gold, 1 Silver, and 3 Bronze). UFC Gym India also had a solid amount of success in the event as the team won 5 medals (1 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze).

The Combat Academy Nagaland, Ultimate Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu Ronins, Warrior’s Cove MMA, Kings Academy Chandigarh, Alpha Omega Combat Sports, Indian Combat Sports Academy, Momentum BJJ Iceland, Sanshinkan-White Rhino, Team Highlight Reel and Combat Clan also won medals at the event.

Below is the complete list of medal winners courtesy of Smoothcomp.

Adult Absolute Men – Beginner  

  • Gold – Avizo Lanamai (The Combat Academy-Nagaland)
  • Silver – Rohit Singh
  • Bronze – Debayan Sinha (Jiu-Jitsu Ronins)

Adult Absolute Men – Intermediate

  • Gold – Khushdil Jafarov (Team Boymurodov)
  • Silver –  Gaurav Gullaiya (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • Bronze – Daníel Ágústsson (Momentum BJJ Iceland)

Adult Absolute Women – Beginner

  • Gold – Tanu Shree (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • Silver –  Lise Knudsen (UFC Gym India)
  • Bronze – Shikha Chauhan

Men – Beginner (-60KG)

  • Gold – Aman Gusain (Warriors Cove Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Silver –  Himanshu Katyura
  • Bronze – Mandeep (Kings Academy Chandigarh)

Men – Beginner (-65KG)

  • Gold – Tanish Gupta (Ultimate Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Silver –  Akash Rawat (Crosstrain Fight Club/Indian Top Team)
  • Bronze – Udit Negi (Crosstrain Fight Club)

Men – Beginner (-70KG)

  • Gold – Shubham Chopra (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • Silver –  Sahil Boora  
  • Bronze – Kekhrienneitso Angami (The Combat Academy Nagaland)

Men – Beginner (-76KG)

  • Gold – Mayank Jindal (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • Silver –  Tanuj Thapa (Crosstrain Fight Club)  
  • Bronze – Tahir Faizi (Crosstrain Fight Club)

Men – Beginner (-83KG)

  • Gold – Akash Gahlot (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • Silver –  Dilip Kumar Jha (Alpha Omega Combat Sports)  
  • Bronze – Akshut Kaushik (Crosstrain Fight Club)

Men – Beginner (-91KG)

  • Gold – Chenithung Jami  
  • Silver –  Kunal Yadav (UFC Gym India)  
  • Bronze – Ishan Srivastava (Team Boymurodov)

Men – Beginner (-100KG)

  • Gold – Jay Baghel (Crosstrain Fight Club)   
  • Silver –  Girik Narain (Crosstrain Fight Club)   
  • Bronze – Rahul Chhabra (Sanshinkan-White Rhino)

Men – Intermediate (-60KG)

  • Gold – Shashikanth Singh (Crosstrain Fight Club)   
  • Silver –  Kosimdzhon Sufiev (Team Boymurodov)
  • Bronze – Sai Datta (Indian Combat Sports Academy)

Men – Intermediate (-65.9KG)

  • Gold – Khushdil Jefarov (Team Boymurodov)   
  • Silver –  Shaun Loyal (Warriors Cove Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Bronze – MD Shahnawaz (Combat Clan)

Men – Intermediate (-87.9KG)

  • Gold – Abhishek Rana    
  • Silver –  Gaurav Gullaiya (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • Bronze – Pranav Mantri

Men – Professional (-65.9KG)

  • Gold – Tarun Yadav (Crosstrain Fight Club)    
  • Silver –  Arthur Pandaan (Team Highlight Reel)
  • Bronze – Mayank Kohli (Warriors Cove Mixed Martial Arts)  

Men – Professional (-76.9KG)

  • Gold – Komil Boymurodov (Team Boymurodov)    
  • Silver –  Rachit Tyagi (Crosstrain Fight Club)

Women – Beginner (-50KG)

  • Gold – Muskan Pawar (Crosstrain Fight Club)    
  • Silver –  Ananya Bhattacharya
  • Bronze – Puja Tomar (UFC Gym India)   

Women – Beginner (-60KG)

  • Gold – Lise Knudsen (UFC Gym India)    
  • Silver –  Sankalita Chakraborty (Jiu-Jitsu Ronins)
  • Bronze – Preeti Rana (Kings Academy Chandigarh)    

Women – Beginner (+70KG)

  • Gold – Ribhhya Singh (Crosstrain Fight Club)    
  • Silver –  Nabila Birjis (Indian Combat Sports Academy)
  • Bronze – Sreelakshmi Gupta (Alpha Omega Combat Sports)    

Boys – Beginner (-60KG)

  • Gold – Siddhartha Gupta (Crosstrain Fight Club)    
  • Silver –  Daksh Sahdev (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • Bronze – Raashik Saraf (Combat Clan)    

Boys – Beginner (-65KG)

  • Gold – Kosimdzhon Sufiev (Team Boymurodov)    
  • Silver –  MD Ismail (Combat Clan)
  • Bronze – Dovudshoh Ziyoev (Team Boymurodov)    

Boys – Beginner (-70KG)

  • Gold – Dovudshoh Ziyoev (Team Boymurodov)    
  • Silver –  Avizo Lanamai (The Combat Academy Nagaland)
  • Bronze – Kosimdzhon Sufiev (Team Boymurodov)    

In case you missed it, we also have the complete list of winners from the recently concluded ASJFF Asian Open Championship here


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