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BRAVE CF 73: Zach Makovsky reflects on devastating loss

LockerRoom Team
31 August 2023

Entering Bogota with unwavering determination to secure a triumph and regain his momentum, the former world champion Zach Makovsky had clear intentions of getting back on course. Regrettably, circumstances unfolded differently, and the seasoned athlete found himself succumbing to a TKO defeat against Flavio de Queiroz.

Yet, embodying the spirit of a true fighter, Makovsky has chosen to embrace accountability by openly expressing his sentiments. In a heartfelt statement conveyed through Instagram, he shares his genuine emotions and thoughts.

“I admit I’m struggling to figure out how to assess this performance/result. Basically everything was going well until it wasn’t. I wasn’t beat up. I wasn’t out-fought or out-worked. In fact, I think I was on track for a fairly one-sided fight, meaning having the upper hand in a vast majority of the engagements and how I felt things were likely to play out."

“All of this and still lost suddenly and in a way I haven’t experienced before. I’ve never been dropped in a fight and that’s only the second time I’ve been down like that through all my training and fights.”

Following the event in the Colombian capital, Makovsky took a moment to extend his gratitude to the promotion for orchestrating the memorable occasion. Notably, BRAVE CF president Mohammad Shahid lauded Makovsky in the comments section, acknowledging his sentiment.

"Keep your head up champ. The whole BRAVE nation and MMA world knows you are one of the best flyweights in the world. Every fight of yours in BRAVE CF Arena was a treat to watch and a lesson to the next generation of MMA fighters." “Cannot wait to see you back and rise from all this and go for the gold. See you soon”


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