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VIDEO: Woman tries to fight with Maycee Barber on the street

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Calendar Icon22 April 2024

In her latest victory, Maycee Barber (14-2 MMA) triumphed over Katlyn Cerminara (18-6 MMA) by unanimous decision at UFC 299 in March, extending her winning streak to six consecutive victories in the Octagon.

Recently, Barber found herself in a different kind of confrontation, this time in a parking lot alongside her friend and fitness model, Demi Bagby. A video capturing the encounter was shared on Instagram by one of Barber's friends, with the caption, "Someone come get your mom."

In the video, Bagby can be heard demanding the woman to stop touching their truck. The woman, appearing intoxicated, responds defiantly, questioning whether they truly own the vehicle. Despite her taunts and threats of violence, Barber and Bagby remain unfazed, erupting in laughter at the woman's bravado.

Fortunately for the woman, she was unaware that she was dealing with Maycee Barber, the UFC's No. 4 ranked fighter. Several fighters, including UFC heavyweight Walt Harris and UFC fighter Cody Durden, have commented on the encounter, emphasizing the woman's fortunate escape from a potential altercation with Barber.

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Looking ahead, Barber expresses a desire to revisit her 2021 matchup against current UFC flyweight champion Alexa Grasso (16-3 MMA). Fans are eager to see who Barber will face next in the Octagon, with speculation and anticipation running high.


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