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VIDEO: Michel Pereira gets a crazy submission win at UFC 301

LockerRoom Team
05 May 2024

In a stunning display of skill and showmanship, Michel Pereira delivered a masterclass performance at UFC 301, dismantling Ihor Potieria within the first round with a flurry of aggressive attacks.

From the opening bell, Pereira showcased his intent, unleashing a relentless assault on Potieria. A powerful straight punch from Pereira landed flush on Potieria's chin, sending him crashing to the canvas early in the fight. Pereira, known for his acrobatic style, followed up with a gravity-defying flip, narrowly avoiding an illegal knee strike to Potieria's head. Replays later clarified that the impact was primarily to Potieria's chest and shoulder.

Undeterred by the close call, Pereira swiftly transitioned into a standing guillotine choke, locking it in with precision. Potieria, unable to escape the tight hold, was forced to tap out, but the aftermath was telling—Potieria slumped to the mat, rendered unconscious by the submission.

The fight was over in a lightning-fast 54 seconds of the first round, showcasing Pereira's dominance and efficiency in the octagon.

Reflecting on his performance, Pereira revealed his strategic approach, stating, "I had trained with him before so I knew what he was good at, I knew what he was bad at. I came in to put on a show. I knew that I could get him with the guillotine. I knew that I could get that submission."

Throughout the bout, Pereira exuded confidence, fearlessly engaging Potieria in striking exchanges and controlling the pace of the fight. The pivotal straight punch that dropped Potieria set the stage for Pereira's relentless onslaught, culminating in the decisive submission.

Despite a brief moment of uncertainty during a ringside review of the flip-knee incident, Pereira's victory was affirmed, marking his eighth consecutive win. When asked about his future opponents, Pereira maintained his characteristic flamboyance, declaring, "I’m the UFC’s showman. Whatever they want to put in front of me, I’m always going to put on a show."


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