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Is She Retired now? Fans Puzzled over latest post from Valentina Shevchenko

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Calendar Icon06 March 2024

Valentina Shevchenko, the former UFC flyweight champion, has raised eyebrows among fans after her recent social media post, prompting speculation about her future in mixed martial arts. The renowned fighter, who suffered a title loss to Alexa Grasso at UFC Noche, has left fans wondering whether she is contemplating retirement following her recent defeat.

The Ukrainian fighter's latest Instagram post, featuring images from her time in Thailand, has fueled speculation about her next move in the octagon. With comments expressing concerns about her absence from the gym and questioning whether she is retired, fans are eagerly awaiting clarification on Shevchenko's fighting career.

“I feel like she’s low key going to lose when she comes back lmao when was the last time she was in the gym? Or is she just retired now.” A fan wrote under her post which you can see below.

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As fans continue to ponder Shevchenko's next move, her recent loss and subsequent social media activity have fueled speculation about a possible retirement from mixed martial arts. While Shevchenko has not provided any official updates regarding her fighting career, her recent posts have sparked discussions among MMA enthusiasts about the possibility of her stepping away from the sport.


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