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VIDEO: Grenade launcher accidently explodes during Sambo tournament

LockerRoom Team
14 March 2024

A sambo tournament held at Sports Facility No.3 in Melitopol, Ukraine, took a terrifying turn when an anti-tank grenade launcher unexpectedly detonated, disrupting the event and injuring several attendees. The incident, which occurred on February 17, 2024, sent shockwaves through the Russia-occupied city.

According to reports, the trigger of the anti-tank grenade launcher was involuntarily pulled, resulting in a deafening explosion that reverberated throughout the sports facility. Attendees were caught off guard, and panic ensued as first responders rushed to provide medical assistance to those injured in the blast. Thankfully, the quick response of emergency personnel prevented any serious injuries, and hospitalization was avoided for those affected.


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