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UFC Unveils Groundbreaking Anti-Doping Policy for 2024

LockerRoom Team
02 January 2024

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has announced the launch of its new Anti-Doping Policy (UFC ADP), set to take effect starting December 31, 2023. This revolutionary program aims to maintain the UFC's position as a leader in health and safety within the realm of professional sports.

Commitment to Excellence

Hunter Campbell, UFC Chief Business Officer, expressed the organization's commitment to having the most effective and progressive anti-doping program globally. Over the past eight years, the UFC has continuously improved its anti-doping efforts, and with this new iteration, the organization strives to set new standards in health and safety for combat sports.

Jeff Novitzky, UFC Senior Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance, emphasized that the new program is the result of extensive input, trial, and error from UFC, athletes, and third-party contributors. The evolving anti-doping policy reflects a commitment to adapt based on scientific advancements to ensure the well-being of UFC athletes.

Key Features of the New UFC Anti-Doping Policy

Sample Collection by Drug Free Sport International (DFSI): UFC athletes will undergo unannounced sample collections conducted by DFSI, a global leader in anti-doping, ensuring a more extensive and efficient coverage than the previous program. These sample collections will occur 365 days a year, 24/7.

Sample Analysis at SMRTL: Athlete samples will be analyzed at the WADA-accredited Sports Medicine and Research Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Daniel Eichner, a top anti-doping scientist, will serve as the Science Advisor, overseeing testing strategies and result analysis.

Administration and Sanctioning by CSAD/George Piro: Combat Sports Anti-Doping (CSAD), led by President George Piro, will independently oversee the administration of the UFC Anti-Doping Program. Piro, with over 30 years of distinguished service in law enforcement, brings a wealth of experience to the organization.

Comprehensive List of Prohibited Substances: The Prohibited List remains largely unchanged, following the model of WADA's In and Out of Competition programs. Decision Concentration Limits will be established to differentiate between intentional use and unintentional exposure to low-level contaminants.

User-Friendly Whereabouts Platform: UFC athletes will have access to a new Whereabouts Platform, offering a more user-friendly experience for recording expected locations, ensuring easy contact for testing.

Independence and Transparency

CSAD will maintain the independent spirit of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, handling all sanctioning decisions without UFC involvement. The program encourages transparency, providing a tip-line ( for reporting any information related to the use or abuse of performance-enhancing drugs within the UFC.

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The full details of the new UFC Anti-Doping Policy, including the Whereabouts Policy and Prohibited Substances List, can be accessed through the new UFC Anti-Doping Program online portal in multiple languages, reflecting the organization's commitment to a global approach in fostering athlete health and safety.


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