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Tye Ruotolo open to a submission grappling match with brother Kade Ruotolo

LockerRoom Team
08 August 2023

In a recent interview, Tye Ruotolo, a rising star in the world of submission grappling and a formidable competitor under the ONE Championship banner, spoke candidly about his tough opponent, his unique double submission, and his aspirations to be considered the pound-for-pound best in the grappling world.

The talented athlete also addressed the possibility of facing his brother Kade in a highly anticipated grudge match.

When asked about his opponent, Dagi Arslanaliev, Tye Ruotolo acknowledged the tough challenge he posed. Recognizing Dagi's reputation for being tough and strong, Tye expressed his utmost respect for the fighter from Dagestan.

He lauded Dagi's courage for stepping up on short notice to face him and commended his warrior spirit. Tye remains confident in his skills, asserting that anyone around his size is someone he should be able to submit, regardless of their approach to the fight.

Reflecting on his impressive double submission during the match, Tye recounted the unusual circumstances that led to his victory.

With a lighthearted tone, he shared how he thought Dagi tapped after a hard slap on his butt, leading him to momentarily disengage. Upon realizing that the match was still ongoing, Tye quickly re-engaged and secured a choke to finish the bout.

Confident in his abilities, Tye expressed his belief that he is pound-for-pound the best grappler in the world. With a humble demeanor, he highlighted his dominant performances against opponents of various sizes, including those much larger than him.

“In the humblest way possible, for sure. I don’t think there’s anyone around my size that can beat me, and I’ve beaten guys way bigger than me too. Pound for pound, one hundred percent. Gordon Ryan is going to have to say something about that, but he took a bunch of steroids to get to where he’s at,” he said.

While acknowledging the reputation of grappling superstar Gordon Ryan, Tye expressed that his own accomplishments stand on their own merit, without resorting to the use of performance-enhancing substances.

Addressing the possibility of a grudge match against his brother Kade, Tye revealed that he is open to the idea despite their previous encounters.

“For sure I’m open to it. It’s funny, the first time we fought, I ended up winning by decision. I don’t think I should’ve won. The second time, I got him in a submission just out of pure luck and the third time, I got him in a submission again. Technically I’m 3-0 against him. They were all wars and I know he wants one back for sure. We’re open to the match. I know my mom isn’t super stoked on the idea but other than that I think it would be a good show for everyone.”

Although technically holding a 3-0 record against his brother, Tye admitted that each bout was a hard-fought war and acknowledged Kade's desire for a rematch. While recognizing his mother's reservations, Tye believes that a match between the siblings would be an exciting spectacle for grappling fans.


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