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VIDEO: UFC star Tabatha Ricci freaks out after Power Slap Knockout

LockerRoom Team
20 February 2024

Tabatha Ricci, a rising star in the UFC, found herself at the centre of a jaw-dropping moment when she witnessed the devastating effects of the Power Slap during a recent fight. Power Slap, an American slap fighting promotion company, is the brainchild of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) supremo Dana White.

The innovative concept of Power Slap first gained widespread attention with the production of the reality television series "Power Slap: Road to the Title." Under White's ownership, the show introduced audiences to the intense world of slap fighting, where contestants battled it out in the "Power Slap League" tournament.

Executive produced by White himself, the show promised riveting action and high stakes, culminating in the adrenaline-fueled Power Slap 1 live event. However, the show faced a delay in its premiere date following a controversial incident involving White at a Mexican nightclub during a New Year's Eve celebration.

Despite the setback, the allure of Power Slap persisted, captivating fighters like Tabatha Ricci. In a video that circulated online, Ricci's reaction to witnessing a Power Slap Knockout was palpable, reflecting the intense shock and awe elicited by the unconventional technique.


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