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Rematch with Grasso will be tough for Shevchenko, says Daniel Cormier

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Calendar Icon10 March 2023

Former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier feels that a rematch with Alexa Grasso would be tough for Valentina Shevchenko.

Cormier voiced his take on the latest video on YouTube and noted that Shevchenko should assess the possibility of taking the rematch at a later time.

"The former champ does want a rematch and she is entitled to that with 8 title defenses. But the question does become does Valentina really want it? Or maybe, maybe she should reassess and then re-visit this matchup later? Because I think that every time they match up, it's a very tough fight for the former champion,” Cormier noted in the video (h/t Sportskeeda).

He also went on to address the fact that Alexa Grasso came into the fight with a special plan. A video of Grasso training for the finishing sequence during fight camp had surfaced online meaning that getting the submission was always the plan.

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Cormier noted that Grasso was locked in to get the win and it would be similar if a rematch happens quickly.

"I thought, 'Oh, humbug, sure, you guys have so much foresight?' And then a video comes out of her in the back doing it. I was talking to Javier Mendez, and he was like, 'To have the b**ls to be training that, preparing for a unique attack like that, tells you how locked in Alexa and her team were for the fight,” Cormier added.

Shevchenko had asked for a rematch after the fight and Grasso had also agreed to the fact that Shevchenko deserves the rematch. However, Cormier thinks that Shevchenko should take a step back and assess the decision.

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Do you think Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso should have an immediate rematch? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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