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Chael Sonnen wants to see Ian Garry vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov

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Calendar Icon08 March 2023

There have been a lot of debates about what should be next for Shavkat Rakhmonov. The Kazakh produced another impressive performance at UFC 285 when he outclassed Geoff Neal to remain undefeated.

With 17 finishes from 17 finishes, Shavkat is riding high on momentum and has called out Colby Covington for a showdown.

While a fight between Shavkat and Colby does seem to be an interesting one, Chael Sonnen believes that it would be better to have Shavkat fight Ian Garry.

 “Ian Garry. In my opinion, it should be Ian Garry versus Rakhmonov. I don’t love the idea of ‘bringing someone along.’ … ‘I am going to build him. I’m going to bring him along.’ … Like who? You’re gonna build him like you did who?,” Sonnen noted in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel (via MMA News).

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He also noted that the whole audience wants to see Garry fight Rahmonov.

“You have these guys that are doing a great job, they’re undefeated, but we’re gonna save them, we’re gonna put them on the side. ‘I’ve got Rakhmonov and I’ve got Ian Garry here. The whole audience wants to see Ian Garry fight Rakhmonov. I’m gonna put them on the same card, but I’m not gonna have them fight each other.’ I just sit back and go, why?” Sonnen added.

Garry triumphed against Rakhmonov this past weekend at UFC 285. Nonetheless, the Irishman finished off the early prelims while the Kazakh contender had his hand raised on the main programme, only one bout before the two of title contests that stood out as the highlight.

But in a different parallel, "The Future" preserved his spotless professional record with a third-round knockout of opponent Kenan Song.

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What do you think of a fight between Ian Garry and Shavkat? Let us know in the comments below.


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