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UFC star Sean Strickland wants Elon Musk to buy Instagram

LockerRoom Team
28 March 2023

Sean Strickland is at it again. After trashing Greta Thunberg on Twitter last day, the UFC star has asked Elon Musk to buy Instagram.

Sean has been a vocal supporter of free speech and has laid out some strong opinions through his social media pages over the past few years.

He even suggested whether he should setup a Go Fund Me Campaign to help Elon buy the social media platform.

“Instagram is absolutely f*cking trash.... @elonmusk it's time man... should we start a gofund me "buy Instagram"” Strickland tweeted

Along with the tweet, he also posted a screenshot from Instagram. The screenshot was of a notification that Strickland got from Instagram which says that his post went against the community guidelines.

The tweet from Strickland was faced with mixed responses on Twitter.

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A fan suggested that Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg should have a boxing match.

“Could @elonmusk take Zuck in a boxing match? I think it’s best decided in the ring.”

“I lost my account thanks to these warnings. All memories, every photo... gone”

“Elon has done some good but their all Cooked”

“Why people are still using Facebook und Instagram? I know celebrities have to promote themselves, but for normal people…”

“It’s wild they’re allowed to get away with shit like that. I’m still trying to understand how twitter taking orders from the government didn’t make nightly news coverage once. Everyone just let it go like it was no big deal.”

“They banned my account just like 3 days ago because I had a heated argument regarding how stupid is the USA and Europe to support Ukraine and wasting hundred millions of dollars. Not even a day passed since the argument and the account is permenantly banned.”

What do you think of the tweet from Sean Strickland? Let us know in the comment section of the article below.

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