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Sean Strickland goes off on Indians, says he will go to Delhi and commit a crime

LockerRoom Team
10 April 2023

Sean Strickland is not happy about Indians. The UFC fighter tweeted last day on Twitter about his frustrations with dealing with Indian Customer Care executives.

I'm so sick of dealing with these f*cking Indians when it comes to customer service. My god, I'm about to go to New Delhi and commit a crime... Mother f**ker couldn't speak English until I said "I'm recording this call" Then perfect fucking English... WTF.....,” Strickland noted on twitter last day.

The tweet, however, was not met with positive responses. A string of users pointed out that it was racist of Strickland to say something like that on the social media platform.

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Another user meanwhile, pointed out that Strickland should chill.

“Chill oot ya weapon. Getting ragin at a guy half way across the globe who’s native language isn’t the same as yours. Try another way if your that sick of call centres in India” a user wrote.

A user named Gabe Gabbanna backed the comments from Strickland.

“All of our customer service is people in India most of which work out their kitchens while cooking or cleaning their house. They always doing something in the background you can barely hear them or understand” the user wrote.

Some decided to take the funny route and gave some roasting replies to the UFC fighter.

“Its ok its just the CTE from Alex Pereira's left hook.”

“Haha brother come to new delhi brother , we will spar and then after spar I will scam you”

“Ayo Sean, be careful with the gun. Gun laws are super strict up here.”

“Let me know when you land in Delhi Sean. Lets settle this.”

“youre always welcome to visit New Delhi Sean, I’ll come to the airport to get you”

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