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This aged well: Sammy Jo Luxton hits out at Misfits boxer who mocked her

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Calendar Icon26 March 2024

In a recent social media exchange, rising boxing star Sammy Jo Luxton delivered a sharp response to a fellow Misfits boxer known as "Most Wanted," who had previously mocked her. Luxton's cutting retort has ignited a flurry of reactions among fans and followers across various platforms.

The confrontation unfolded after Luxton addressed disparaging remarks made by "Most Wanted," who had questioned her abilities and insinuated that she was unable to handle the pressure of high-profile fights. Luxton wasted no time in hitting back at her detractor, highlighting her recent accomplishments and contrasting them with the boxer's alleged inability to step into the ring due to nerves.

In her bold response, Luxton underscored her recent victory achieved in a mere 20 seconds, while also drawing attention to "Most Wanted's" absence from the event. Luxton's pointed remarks emphasized her success and resilience, casting doubt on the legitimacy of her critic's claims.

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Luxton's message struck a chord with supporters, who praised her assertiveness and refusal to be deterred by detractors. By addressing the situation head-on, Luxton showcased her determination to defend her reputation and confront unprofessional behavior within the boxing community.


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