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Who Will Win in a Fight: Her or Her Husband? Ronda Rousey and Kevin Hart Discuss

LockerRoom Team
21 February 2024

In a showdown of epic proportions, former UFC champion Ronda Rousey goes head-to-head with comedic powerhouse Kevin Hart to settle a burning question: Who would emerge victorious in a fight between Rousey and her husband? This thrilling and comedic exchange is captured in a must-watch video that has taken the internet by storm.

The video, featuring Rousey and Hart, showcases their playful banter as they discuss the hypothetical scenario of Rousey facing off against her husband in a fight. Known for her unparalleled athleticism and dominance in the octagon, Rousey offers insight into her strategy and confidence in such a matchup, while Hart adds his trademark humour to the conversation.

As Rousey delves into the dynamics of a potential showdown, viewers are treated to a glimpse of her fierce determination and unwavering self-assurance. Her competitive spirit shines through as she weighs the factors that could influence the outcome of the fight, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

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Meanwhile, Hart brings his comedic flair to the discussion, injecting lightheartedness and laughter into the conversation. With his quick wit and comedic timing, Hart adds an element of hilarity to the debate, ensuring that viewers are entertained from start to finish.


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