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Indian Fighter Priyanka Lakireddy wins title belt at Bangla Boxing Stadium

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Calendar Icon26 January 2024

In a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, Indian Muay Thai fighter Priyanka Lakireddy emerged victorious, securing the Women's Title belt at the prestigious Bangla Boxing Stadium in Thailand. The event unfolded on January 25, 2024, where Priyanka showcased her prowess in the ring, securing the title via decision in a hard-fought battle against Thailand's Ruangkhaow.

Priyanka's journey into the world of martial arts began in her childhood with Karate, marking the foundation of her athletic prowess. After a decade of dedicated training in Karate, she made a bold transition to Muay Thai and Kickboxing, a decision that paved the way for her evolution into a formidable professional fighter.

The newly crowned Women's Title holder boasts an impressive list of achievements in Muay Thai, including her title as the IMO World Champion in 2022 in Indonesia and the IMO National Champion in 2021 in Tamil Nadu. In 2021, she also earned the prestigious title of WMC Unbeaten Pro Fighter in Karnataka, further solidifying her reputation as a dominant force in the sport. Priyanka holds an impeccable record in Pro Muay Thai, standing at 5-0, with three victories coming by knockout.

In the realm of Kickboxing, Priyanka's prowess is equally outstanding, having secured the title of 2-Time International Kickboxing Champion in 2020 in Delhi. Her achievements extend to the realm of boxing, where she has excelled in state championships and national-level competitions, including the State Boxing Championship in Karnataka.


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