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Pavel Dailidko Expresses Gratitude to BRAVE CF Founder After Stunning Victory

LockerRoom Team
20 September 2023

Pavel Dailidko, one of the standout performers at BRAVE CF 74, took a moment to express his gratitude to His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the visionary founder of the world's premier MMA organization, following his remarkable victory in Nantes, France.

In a highly anticipated showdown on the main card of BRAVE CF 74, Pavel Dailidko, known as "The Experiment," showcased his explosive skills to a global audience. With a 1-1 record in the promotion, Dailidko's reputation for delivering chaos in the cage preceded him as he faced off against Salim El Ouassaidi.

From the moment the fight began, Dailidko and Ouassaidi engaged in a fierce exchange, capturing the audience's attention with the anticipation of an imminent knockout blow.

In a flash, Pavel Dailidko unleashed a relentless assault on his opponent, securing a decisive TKO victory that solidified his status as a rising star in the Heavyweight division.

After the exhilarating bout, Pavel Dailidko set aside his triumph to extend his heartfelt appreciation to the individual who played a pivotal role in making this momentous event a reality—the founder of BRAVE Combat Federation. Notably, BRAVE CF recently achieved a historic milestone by hosting events in a record number of countries, with its inaugural visit to France.

"I want to thank Shaikh Khaled for this amazing event. They look after me. I appreciate all that. So thank you," Dailidko expressed, acknowledging the tremendous support and care provided by the organization.

BRAVE CF 74 served as a compelling testament to the global reach and influence of BRAVE Combat Federation. Pavel Dailidko, inspired by the experience, is determined to further his journey within the BRAVE CF ranks and has set his sights on a world title opportunity in the Heavyweight division.

"I'm ready to become the world champion here," he confidently declared, signaling his aspiration to secure a coveted world championship under the BRAVE CF banner.


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