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Fans body shame Paige VanZant, fighter reacts

LockerRoom Team
11 May 2023

Paige VanZant undoubtedly understands better than most that social media isn't real life, but she's committing to be more truthful on her many channels moving ahead after receiving body-shaming remarks online.

The 29-year-old addressed the issue in a lengthy Instagram post in which she responded to recent criticism. If the online bullying had a positive outcome, it was that VanZant realised she wanted to start sharing photographs that showed all sides of herself, and she isn't going to apologise for the way she looks.

“I have been really good at putting my best self forward. Making sure the world sees the ‘prettiest’ side of me. Where I fell short is that I never showed the true me. Until now. The truth is, yes, I have gained a lot of weight … probably 20-plus pounds, but I also gained strength, power, muscle and a f*** ton of happiness. I see every single comment on my YouTube channel about how I look pregnant, obese, fat as f***, and won’t be able to fit through a door soon. But one thing I have always remembered — happy people ain’t haters and haters ain’t happy.

So all you haters out there keep on commenting, you’re only growing my platform. And I promise from this day forward to show the real me, forever. The fat me, the broken me, the skinny me, and the happiest f****** version of me I have ever been. Social media will never be real but I’ll try and be better. Anyway, check out my YouTube channel. Because I’ll be damned if I don’t continue to profit off of THE BEST HATERS IN THE WORLD. Yours in thickness.,” She wrote on her Instagram page.

VanZant, who left the UFC in 2020 when her contract expired, eventually challenged herself in bare-knuckle fighting after signing a deal with BKFC.

In her first two fights, she went 0-2 with losses to Britain Hart and Rachael Ostovich in 2021.

VanZant was set to compete again in August, however, her battle against Charisa Sigala was removed at the last minute from a BKFC card in London. Since then, she has not been rescheduled to compete.

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While she hasn't fought in a while, VanZant has been busy with her online presence, creating a personal website and an OnlyFans portal where fans can pay a monthly fee to view images and videos.

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