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Noelle Grandjean: What you need to know about the MMA fighter

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Calendar Icon29 March 2023

Noelle Grandjean is a Dutch MMA fighter who is currently based in Thailand.

Grandjean was born in 1996 in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and a Thai mother. Despite the fact that she has a half-brother and a half-sister, she was reared primarily without them.

Grandjean's family, who came from a multicultural background, later relocated to France, where she spent most of her formative years.

“I moved to France when I was 9. I moved around a lot, actually, kind of internationally. I’m also half Thai, so that’s why I’m living in Thailand right now. I’m a three-culture child,” she recalled in an interview with ONE Championship.

Getting into Combat Sports

Grandjean's father was a forefather of martial arts, having trained, competed, and instructed in judo, Muay Thai, and even early MMA.

He was keen to include his daughter, and judo was the most agreeable compromise with his wife, who was concerned that "Lil' Monkey" would be injured.

Although Grandjean had concentrated on judo for nearly two decades, her father's interest in diverse disciplines had planted a seed inside of her.

With that in mind, the young athlete was always aware that her journey would eventually lead her to MMA.

Grandjean received numerous judo awards, including the French Judo Championships and the Thailand Judo Championships.

Later, at the age of 23, she chose to follow her heart into the all-encompassing sport of MMA.

Although it was late by certain standards, Grandjean's move was not difficult. Instead, the brilliant French-Thai competitor's move came naturally, given to her lifetime of athletic expertise.

Grandjean, determined to follow her new career, took advantage of her heritage and relocated to Thailand, where she has been acquiring elite stand-up abilities at Tiger Muay Thai.

Drawing inspiration from her father

Grandjean's desire to become accomplished in every field, like her initial excitement for combat sports, was fueled by her father's forward-thinking approach to cross-training.

The patriarch's impact has remained consistent throughout her life, providing inspiration for his daughter to continue maturing.

Grandjean's father has been her staunchest supporter, in addition to being the catalyst for her developing profession.

Even today, that support will be critical to her future success.

Grandjean has now reached the world's largest martial arts organisation after two decades of hard work.


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