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BRAVE CF Champion Nkosi Ndebele Inspires Students at Diepsloot Secondary No 3

LockerRoom Team
30 January 2024

In a heartwarming homecoming, BRAVE CF Bantamweight world champion, Nkosi Ndebele, received a hero's welcome at his former school, Diepsloot Secondary No 3. Invited to address the students following his triumphant return to action last month, Ndebele, who made history by becoming the first South-African world champion in MMA at BRAVE CF 80, took the opportunity to share his inspiring journey with nearly 300 attentive students.

During the visit, Nkosi spoke passionately about his rise to the pinnacle of mixed martial arts, emphasizing that he hailed from the same background as the students. Encouraging a shift in mindset, he highlighted the importance of focus and determination.

"The results you produce here are top! Am I lying? So the mindset must change. Please focus. You have yourselves a world champion coming from this ground, standing in front of you!" declared Ndebele, motivating the students to aspire for greatness.

In a touching gesture, Nkosi brought along his first coach, Sensei Byoka, a Kyokushin Karate master, who played a pivotal role in instilling discipline and focus in the young fighter. Ndebele credited Sensei Byoka as the first person to introduce him to the world of martial arts and shape his journey towards becoming a future champion.

Addressing the impact of martial arts on his own life, Ndebele urged students to consider joining martial arts classes as a positive outlet, steering them away from potential pitfalls and towards a brighter future.

"I went there to motivate the students to believe in whatever dream they have and work towards it. They couldn't believe I came from the same ground they were standing on and that I went to the same school," expressed Ndebele, emphasizing the importance of self-belief.

In a generous move, Nkosi also introduced one of his sponsors during the visit, highlighting their commitment to providing bursaries to top-performing students. Grateful for the opportunity to give back to his school, Ndebele expressed joy in offering students opportunities that he didn't have growing up.

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While Nkosi resumes his training and awaits his first world title defense, the BRAVE CF Bantamweight division continues to flourish with notable additions such as Velimurad Alkhasov and Khurshed Nazarov. The 135-pound weight-class boasts renowned fighters including former champion Jose 'Shorty' Torres, Hamza Kooheji, and Nicholas Hwende.


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