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Nkosi Ndebele demands rematch with Jose Torres

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Calendar Icon15 September 2023

In a dramatic turn of events, what initially began as a friendly exchange of respect between two of the world's top Bantamweight fighters has escalated into a fierce rivalry. Nkosi "The Future" Ndebele took to social media last week to take a shot at Jose "Shorty" Torres after their closely contested battle at BRAVE CF 73 in Bogota, Colombia, last month.

Torres clinched the vacant BRAVE CF Bantamweight title via a split decision (49-45, 49-47, 47-48), leaving Ndebele disheartened and stunned.

Despite the disappointment, Ndebele found solace in Torres's immediate post-fight speech, where the American fighter expressed his eagerness for a rematch, acknowledging Ndebele's remarkable performance over five rounds. Fueling the fire, Ndebele and his passionate fanbase, who firmly believed he deserved the championship, have persistently called for a rematch.

However, tensions reached a boiling point following a recent BRAVE CF Instagram post featuring the champion, alongside a caption that read, "Who's next?" Ndebele responded to this post with a series of sharp remarks aimed squarely at the American BRAVE CF champion. "Jose Torres is a fake champion, people. I won that fight.

He knows it, and he knows I deserve the rematch," asserted Ndebele on his Instagram account. "The more I rewatch the fight, the more pissed I get at the result. The man is overrated! People are talking about how strong he is, and that I came in much heavier than him. That's not true. He is weak. He is highly overrated! BRAVE Combat Federation, I want that rematch."

Ndebele continued to assert his claim, stating, "I know that all the Future Citizens and all the BRAVE Nation fans want to see the rematch because they want a real Bantamweight champion. A true champion and that is me, right here." During the fight, Ndebele effectively utilized his striking from a distance and thwarted numerous takedown attempts made by Torres over the course of 25 intense minutes.

"I am the real BRAVE CF Bantamweight champion of the world. It's crazy, though, because I am a champion with no belt. But some people are not champions and have belts... Can you imagine that? This life is unfair, people. The scorecard was just ridiculous, and unfortunately, the game was unfair to me that night," Ndebele added, emphasizing his belief that he was the rightful champion.

As the verbal exchanges continue to intensify, fight fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting news of a potential rematch between Ndebele and Torres, which promises to be an electrifying showdown in the world of Bantamweight MMA.


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