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Indian Muay Thai Fighter Ning Gogoi Triumphs in Thailand with Knockout Victory

LockerRoom Team
30 November 2023

Indian Muay Thai sensation Ning Gogoi celebrated a victorious return to Thailand, securing an impressive knockout win against Thailand's Yeawdum at the renowned Bangla Boxing Stadium. The fierce bout showcased Ning Gogoi's skill and determination, earning him a well-deserved win on foreign soil.

After the thrilling victory, Ning Gogoi took to his Instagram page (@ninggogoi) to express his gratitude and joy. He posted, "It feels so good to be back again. Won the fight, and I would like to thank the whole team for this. Couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you @phuket_singha_muaythai for everything. I will improve and get better."

Ning Gogoi's return to the Muay Thai scene in Thailand was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing his growth and prowess in the sport. The knockout victory not only marked a personal achievement for Gogoi but also added another chapter to India's rising prominence in the global Muay Thai landscape.

Notably, fellow Indian Muay Thai fighter Ashish Sethi played a crucial role in Ning Gogoi's success, standing in his corner during the bout. The support and camaraderie among Indian fighters were evident, emphasizing the unity and strength within the Indian Muay Thai community.


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