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Nina Agdal sues Dillon Danis, files for restraining order

LockerRoom Team
07 September 2023

In a dramatic legal development, supermodel Nina Agdal has initiated legal proceedings against MMA fighter Dillon Danis, coupled with a request for a restraining order, following relentless online harassment that she claims has pushed her to the edge. TMZ Sports was first to break this explosive story.

Agdal wasted no time as she headed to court this past Wednesday, armed with legal documents that provide a disturbing account of Danis' actions. According to Agdal's filing, Danis has subjected her to more than 250 instances of what she describes as "despicable" online behavior since his highly anticipated fight with Logan Paul was announced earlier this summer.

Within her lawsuit, Agdal alleges that she has endured humiliation, emotional distress, and damage to her reputation, all attributed to Danis' relentless online onslaught. She points to a specific incident on August 11th, which she contends not only crossed ethical boundaries but also violated both federal and state laws.

The lawsuit reads, "Agdal asserts that on August 11th, Danis shared a sexually explicit image of her, stemming from 'a romantic encounter' over a decade ago, without her consent. This image was posted in an entirely uncensored manner on Danis's X (Twitter) account. Furthermore, Danis proceeded to repost the explicit photograph later that day, with the apparent intention of maximizing its viewership."

Agdal, a 31-year-old model, alleges that it was only after Misfits Boxing, the organization overseeing the upcoming October 14th Danis vs. Paul fight, threatened to cancel the event that Danis reluctantly agreed to remove the contentious post.

In her lawsuit, Agdal also highlights several other distressing posts made by Danis. This includes a tweet from August 28th that purportedly contained a video of her discussing her desires for intimacy during a period of celibacy, a video that she claims had been deeply buried within her Snapchat archives. This led Agdal to speculate whether Danis had hacked her personal account or had obtained the private video through illicit means.

In her legal action, Agdal is seeking unspecified damages but is adamant about receiving no less than $150,000 per violation of federal law, which prohibits the sharing of intimate images without consent.

Furthermore, Agdal has petitioned the court for a restraining order against Danis, with the aim of preventing him from posting sexually explicit images of her in the future. This request follows Danis's repeated threats to release additional damaging images that could further harm Agdal's reputation.

In response to the legal action, Danis has shown no remorse for his recent online behavior, even suggesting that it has been instrumental in promoting his upcoming fight with Paul. Taking to Twitter, he boldly stated, "Nina Agdal has filed a massive lawsuit against me. She filed a restraining order against me and is seeking prison time, so the fight is in jeopardy if I’m in jail. This is actually wild, but I won’t stop. Screw the system. Come get me. Logan Paul is a dead man walking."

As this legal saga unfolds, the world watches to see how this battle in and out of the courtroom will impact the future of these two public figures.


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