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Nemat Abdrashitov Eyes Omar Solomanov Showdown After Impressive title Win

LockerRoom Team
08 July 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation wrapped up its thrilling Kombat Kingdom series with a surprising turn of events. Nemat Abdrashitov defied expectations and overcame reigning champion Roman Bogatov in a hard-fought, five-round battle, showcasing his well-rounded skills and resilience.

Known for his finishing abilities with three stoppages in previous BRAVE CF fights, the new champion displayed a different dimension of his MMA game. He demonstrated impressive counter-wrestling, submission attempts, and matched his opponent's endurance throughout the grueling fight.

Amidst his celebration, Abdrashitov was taken aback by the appearance of Omar Solomanov, who had been observing BRAVE CF 72 and approached the cage for a face-off. Despite Solomanov initially supporting Bogatov, he congratulated the new titleholder and engaged in a friendly interaction. Nemat issued a challenge to Solomanov, urging him to bring his best when they face off later this year.

Regarding his upcoming challenger, Abdrashitov stated, "We'll see what happens with Omar Solomanov now as my first challenger. I will prepare very hard for this fight as always. Let's see what he can do to me come fight night and if he can even do anything at all."

Abdrashitov also expressed gratitude towards Roman Bogatov for accepting the challenge and acknowledged the long journey to claim the belt. Emotionally, Nemat paid tribute to his coaches, team, and extended his thanks to BRAVE CF and its president, Mohammed Shahid.

As BRAVE CF looks ahead, the organization gears up for BRAVE CF 73 on August 12, returning to Colombia for the BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week. The main event features Jose 'Shorty' Torres and Nkosi Ndebele competing for the vacant Bantamweight world title, promising another action-packed showcase.


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