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Navsari Fighting Championship: Krishna Payasi wins main event, Full Results

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Calendar Icon13 January 2024

The BR Farms in Navsari recently played host to two action-packed days of mixed martial arts at the Navsari Fighting Championship (NFC). The event, held on January 5, 2024, featured both amateur and professional fighters, delivering an array of thrilling and competitive matchups.

The event, which was organised by Vispi Kasad was sanctioned by GAMMA India and saw nearly 30 amateur MMA bouts and 7 Professional bouts across the two days. Interestingly, the event also hosted a long list of kids bout which showcased the interest in MMA among the next generation.

In the main event, Krishna Payasi got the better of Raj Viperdae and secured the title via a First Round Doctor Stoppage. Emran Kohistani of Afghanistan got the better of Shahrukh Khan in the co-main event when Sangram Singh, Prathmesh Kenjale, Zaid Shaikh and Prathamesh Deshpande also secured wins alongside Virendra Baghel. You can see the complete results from the event.

Navsari Fighting Championship Results:

Pro Card Results:

  • Virendra Baghel def. Avinash Pandey via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in 40 seconds of Round 2.
  • Prathamesh Deshpande def. Md. Imran Alam via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in 1 minute and 9 seconds of Round 1.
  • Zaid Shaikh def. Narendra Singh Rawat via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in 3 minutes and 5 seconds of Round 2.
  • Prathamesh Kenjale def. Deepak Singh via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in 2 minutes 43 seconds of Round 2.
  • Sangram Singh def. Vikas Prajapati via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in 2 minutes and 22 seconds of Round 1.
  • Emran Kohistani def. Shahrukh Khan via Unanimous decision.
  • Krishna Payasi def. Raj Viperdae via TKO (Doc stoppage) in Round 1 Break.

Amateur Card Results:

  • Sahil Gawli def. Harsh Singh via RNC in 1 min 54 secs of Round 1.
  • Swapnil Shinde def. Ashish Meena via TKO in 2 mins 43 secs of Round 2.
  • Mahek Menon def. Hetal Sumra via RNC in 22 secs of Round 1.
  • Axit Soni def. Mahesh Kamble via TKO in 45 secs of Round 1.
  • Raghavendra Chauhan def. Faishal Kandhal via RNC in 2 mins 22 secs of Round 1.
  • Hina Shah def. Nancy Thakkar via RNC in 40 secs of Round 1.
  • Chhavi Chahar def. Megh Rathod via TKO (Ref stoppage) in 20 secs of Round 1.
  • Nayan Mandlik def. Samom Devi via Split decision.
  • Saurav def. Rashid Khan via TKO (Ref stoppage) in 2 mins 7 secs of Round 3.
  • Jagfar Khanday def. Krishna Rai via Unanimous decision.
  • Pruthvi Gulla def. Arsalan Malik via TKO (Doc Stoppage) in 24 secs of Round 1.
  • Rakshin Sambyal def. Aditya Veandan via Triangle choke in 2 mins 21 secs of Round 1.
  • Shubham Sharma def. Vijay via Guillotine Choke in 2 mins 27 secs of Round 2.
  • Vishal Prajapati def. Karan Kumar via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in 59 secs of Round 2.
  • Vedang Sawant def. MD. Nawaz Sharif via Unanimous decision.
  • Gagan Madhu def. Kabir Purohit via RNC in 1 min 32 seconds of Round 2.
  • Rahul Baghel def. Almis Chawang via Unanimous decision.
  • Kaleem Malik def. Barot Krunal via Arm Triangle in 57 secs of Round 1.
  • Shaurya Raut def. Ravi Yadav via RNC in 1 min 26 seconds of Round 1.
  • Haafiz Sayyed def. Arjun BK via Unanimous decision.
  • Sukhjeet Panesar def. Dhruv Chauhan via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in 1 min 38 seconds of Round 1.
  • M Abhishek Raj def. Bhim Singh via Armbar in 14 seconds of Round 1.
  • Stefan Dsouza def. Rohit Sharma via TKO (Ref Stoppage) in 1 min and 59 seconds of Round 2.
  • Vikas Chahar def. Ranvijay Singh in 54 secs of round 2.
  • Rais Vazir Khan def. Kumad Thakur via Unanimous decision.
  • Suman Saurabh def. Marshal Khimta via Unanimous decision.
  • Mohal Gorle def. Pruthvi Gulla via Walkover (Fighter pull out).
  • Sandeep Baghel def. Vidhant Panchal via Unanimous decision.
  • Shubham Sharma def. Vikas Gupta via Unanimous decision.
  • BJJ Bout: Nayan Mandlik def. Isha M

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