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Wardrobe issues? Fans raise concern about UFC Vegas 89 fighter

LockerRoom Team
24 March 2024

The fight between Montserrat Rendon and Daria Zheleznyakova which happened at UFC Vegas 89 gained some fan attention. While the result of the fight raised eyebrows, one another concern that the fans raised regarding the wardrobe of Montserrat Rendon. Many fans on social media platforms were raising concerns whether she was uncomfortable in it.

Daria Zheleznyakova, a seasoned fighter from ARES FC, stepped into the UFC octagon for the first time at UFC Vegas 89, facing off against Monserrat Rendon in a women's bantamweight clash. With both fighters having limited experience, their bout was crucial for bolstering the thin roster of UFC women's 135 division.

From the outset, Zheleznyakova displayed sharp striking, utilizing jabs and right hooks to keep Rendon at bay. However, Rendon managed to secure a takedown early in the first round, though Zheleznyakova swiftly returned to her feet. Despite Rendon's attempts to control the pace, Zheleznyakova maintained her composure.

As the fight progressed into the second round, Zheleznyakova remained cautious, wary of Rendon's takedown attempts. While Rendon struggled to find her rhythm, Zheleznyakova capitalized on openings, landing short punches and showcasing her growing confidence.

In the final round, Zheleznyakova continued to dominate, delivering impressive combinations and evading Rendon's advances. Despite a brief struggle against the cage, Zheleznyakova managed to break free and unleash a flurry of strikes, solidifying her control over the fight.

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In the end, Zheleznyakova's calculated performance earned her a hard-fought victory, marking a successful debut in the UFC octagon and signaling her potential as a rising star in the women's bantamweight division.

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