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Maycee Barber wants to fight Alexa Grasso for the title after UFC 299

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Calendar Icon07 March 2024

As Maycee Barber gears up to face Katlyn Cerminara at UFC 299 on Saturday night, her ultimate goal remains unchanged: securing a rematch against flyweight champion Alexa Grasso.

In a recent media session, including Cageside Press, Barber emphasized her determination to climb back into title contention. "Obviously Alexa still has the belt so (this fight) would be a title eliminator and getting a title shot. When I finish Katlyn the gatekeeper, for me, that really sets me up," Barber stated, outlining her strategic approach to Saturday's bout.

Barber acknowledges the looming challenge of potentially facing Grasso, especially considering the speculation surrounding a trilogy fight between Grasso and former champion Valentina Shevchenko. However, Barber remains undeterred, expressing her readiness to step in as a backup fighter if necessary. "Even if they do have their trilogy, if they’re scheduled to fight, I’d like to be the backup fighter or whatever we can make work. There’s injuries, there’s things that pop up, so I’ll be ready," she affirmed.

Despite the focus on future opportunities, Barber is fully focused on the task at hand: overcoming the formidable challenge of Cerminara. Known for her strategic use of cardio and distance to frustrate opponents, Cerminara poses a unique challenge. However, Barber is confident in her ability to dictate the pace and outcome of the fight.

While acknowledging Cerminara's tendency for decision wins, Barber remains steadfast in her approach. "All the girls that she’s fought that have gone for a finish, specifically (Jessica) Andrade, she got finished. That’s what we plan to do. We’re going to go out there and finish. I’m not going out there to point fight with her. I’m going out there to finish her," Barber asserted, underscoring her commitment to securing a decisive victory on Saturday night.

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As Barber prepares to step into the Octagon at UFC 299, her focus remains on the immediate task while keeping her sights firmly set on her long-term goal of reclaiming the flyweight title.


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