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Marlon Vera gets robbed while he was away fighting Sean O Malley

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Calendar Icon13 March 2024

Marlon Vera's week took a turn for the worse as he faced defeat in the main event of UFC 299 on Saturday, March 9, 2024, in Miami, Florida. Despite his efforts, Vera fell short of claiming the title, enduring a relentless onslaught from champion Sean O’Malley, who delivered a masterclass performance, leaving Vera battered and bruised.

The fight proved to be a rough night at the office for Vera, with O’Malley utilizing Vera's face as a speed bag, landing numerous punishing shots throughout the bout. While Vera's disappointment was palpable in the cage, his misfortunes extended beyond the octagon.

Taking to Instagram, Vera shared a photo of his busted front door, revealing that his home had been burglarized while he was away fighting in Miami. In a message directed at the perpetrator, Vera vowed, "The f—king a—hole that broke into my home, I’m gonna find you."

Providing further context online, Vera expressed his frustration over the robbery, emphasizing the hard work and effort that went into acquiring the stolen possessions. Despite the setback, Vera remained resilient, stating, "But hey, these types of things happen and the truth is tonight will be a good one."

Unfortunately, Vera's experience is not an isolated incident within the fighting community. Last year, former UFC interim Heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane fell victim to a similar burglary while competing in Paris, resulting in a significant loss of valuables.

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Incidents like these highlight the risks associated with athletes' high-profile careers, as their whereabouts are often publicized months in advance, leaving their homes vulnerable to theft. While Vera grapples with the aftermath of both defeat and burglary, the resilience and determination that define him as a fighter continue to shine through in the face of adversity.


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