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Former BRAVE CF champion Lucas Mineiro calls out Magic Man

LockerRoom Team
25 January 2024

Brazilian superstar Lucas 'Mineiro' Martins is eager to make a strong comeback after a disappointing end to 2023. The former Lightweight champion has issued a direct challenge to fellow 155-pound knockout artist Maciej 'Magic Man' Gierszewski via social media for a potential showdown in 2024.

The call-out came in response to a BRAVE CF social media post showcasing Gierszewski's punching power, prompting Lucas to leave a straightforward message: "Let's dance." Gierszewski promptly accepted the challenge, expressing his readiness to return to action after a fight-free 2023, during which he recovered from an injury.

Lucas Martins' last appearance was in the main event of BRAVE CF 77, where he suffered a TKO defeat to Lightweight champion Abdisalam Kubanychbek. Originally intended as a title bout, the fight was reclassified as a non-title affair due to Lucas missing weight.

Putting the disappointment behind him, Mineiro, a veteran and one of the first BRAVE CF legends is keen to face Magic Man in what he has described as an "MMA striking fan's dream." The anticipated bout promises a showcase of power punchers, with both fighters having delivered some of the most violent knockouts in BRAVE CF history.

Gierszewski, known for flattening Cian Cowley at BRAVE CF 24, and Martins, who secured impressive right-hand knockouts against Henrique Marques and Ylies Djiroun in his previous fights, are poised for a potentially explosive clash in the Lightweight division.


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