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Levy Carriel and Eliezer Kubanza Engage in Heated Exchange

LockerRoom Team
15 September 2023

On September 7th, Nantes, France bore witness to a truly remarkable moment in the world of MMA, courtesy of Levy Carriel. In spectacular fashion, Carriel secured victory by knocking out Mathieu Rakotondrazanany with a flying switch kick that left his opponent unconscious on the canvas.

However, while the win was an incredible highlight for Carriel, it wasn't the opponent he initially expected to face when the event was first announced. Originally scheduled to battle it out with Eliezer Kubanza, Carriel found himself facing an unfortunate turn of events when Kubanza had to withdraw from the contest.

As Levy Carriel created waves in the MMA world, Eliezer Kubanza had to watch the action unfold from the confines of his home, contemplating what could have been. Yet, rather than dwelling on the past, Kubanza opted to look forward to the future.

The undefeated welterweight took to social media to express his intentions clearly, stating, "I want Levy Carriel. That's the fight the fans want to see, the fight I desire immensely right now. He has four wins, just like me, and a KO finish in his last bout, so let's give the fans what they crave. @bravemmaf, please make it happen."

The debate didn't end there, as Carriel responded through direct messaging, and their conversation was eventually shared with the public.

Carriel: "I'm going to bring you back down from your cloud, my little one."

Kubanza: "Just sign the contract when it's sent to you again. You must not dream, Levy."

The exchange continued to escalate, with the comment section adding fuel to the fire.

Kubanza: "I'm not impressed at all, and when I'm locked in there with you, you'll understand who is the king of the jungle. I'll expose you and stop you."

Carriel: "Bulls***. F*** you."

It's clear that the rivalry between Levy Carriel and Eliezer Kubanza is far from settled, setting the stage for what could be a highly anticipated showdown that fight fans won't want to miss.


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