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Leah McCourt planning to fight Cris Cyborg in Ireland, recalls humble beginnings

LockerRoom Team
11 October 2023

Leah McCourt, fresh off her victory against Sara McMann at Bellator 300, envisions a showdown with featherweight legend Cris Cyborg in her home country of Northern Ireland. The prospect of this historic matchup gained momentum as both fighters faced off following Cyborg's win over Cat Zingano.

However, the uncertainty surrounding Bellator's reported sale has cast a shadow over the potential fight's location and timing. McCourt remains hopeful despite the ambiguity, expressing her desire for the bout to take place in Belfast.

“I was told that fight could happen in Belfast,” McCourt stated on The MMA Hour. “In my heart of hearts, I believe it’s going to happen. I believe I’m going to fight Cyborg in Belfast.”

Despite Cyborg's expressed interest in fighting in Japan, McCourt firmly sees Belfast as the ideal setting for their clash. Her confidence stems from years of envisioning a matchup with Cyborg, a dream she fulfilled by predicting both her victory over McMann and the subsequent face-off with Cyborg.

“The whole camp I was envisioning facing off against Cyborg in the cage,” McCourt revealed. “Just to get to this point in my career is unbelievable.”

The potential uncertainty around Bellator's future looms large, impacting both fighters' plans. The promotion, reportedly on the verge of a sale, has an event scheduled for Nov. 17 in Chicago, but the ongoing situation could jeopardize future events.

McCourt, however, emphasizes the potential impact on the promotion's employees and expresses concern for the team that has supported her throughout her journey.

“When I signed to Bellator, I was living in my mom’s house, and me and [my daughter] Isabella were in the same room. Definitely, if it does come to an end, it will be so sad and so heartbreaking," McCourt said.

The uncertainty surrounding Bellator's future adds a layer of complexity to the much-anticipated matchup, leaving fans and fighters alike waiting for the promotion's fate to unfold.


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