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KSI Plans Legal Action After Bomb Threat Disrupts Misfits Boxing Event

LockerRoom Team
26 March 2024

British YouTube sensation and boxer, KSI, has vowed to take legal action following a disturbing incident that marred his Misfits Boxing 13 event held at the Worldwide Stages arena in Tennessee.

The unsettling episode unfolded during the second round of the match between Lil Cracra and Yuddy Gang when the venue was suddenly confronted with what appeared to be a bomb threat, prompting an immediate evacuation. Attendees and staff were left distressed as the disruption persisted for approximately 80 minutes before normal proceedings could resume.

KSI, 30, later identified the incident as a case of "swatting," a dangerous prank involving the false reporting of serious crimes to emergency services, resulting in the deployment of SWAT teams.

Taking to social media to address the shocking turn of events, KSI expressed his disbelief, stating, “I’ve never seen an event that I’m watching LIVE, get swatted. America’s different.”

Acknowledging the impact of the disruption, KSI remarked, “Whoever called in the bomb threat, well played. You’ve now just made Misfits 13 one of the most talked-about events.”

Despite the setback, KSI assured fans that the event would continue and emphasized his resolve to pursue legal action against the perpetrators, asserting, “The event is back plus the swatter is gonna get sued and arrested. Long day. VPNs won’t save you.”

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As investigations into the incident unfold, KSI remains determined to hold those responsible accountable for their actions, reaffirming his commitment to ensuring the safety and integrity of future events.


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