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Sean Strickland raises shocking allegations against Joe Rogan

LockerRoom Team
31 January 2024

Sean Strickland, the former middleweight champion, recently expressed his observations about the dynamics between Joe Rogan and his sidekick, Jamie Vernon, during his appearance on the JRE MMA Show. Strickland shared his thoughts on the This Past Weekend podcast with Theo Von, raising concerns about potential abuse.

During the podcast, Strickland stated, "When I did the Rogan podcast - what's Rogan's guy? Jamie, dude - I was thrown off by Jamie. Oh man, I think Rogan abuses him, dude. I think he abuses him." Strickland initially anticipated a different persona for Jamie but was surprised to find a more assertive personality.

"He's angry. He's angry. I think Rogan disciplines him. Yeah, because you'll see it, dude, every now and then Rogan will let that s**t slip," Strickland continued. The former champion suggested that there are moments where Rogan asserts control over Vernon, comparing it to the dynamics of an "abusive father."

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Jamie Vernon has been a co-producer on the Joe Rogan Experience since 2012, initially alongside Brian Redban. After Redban's departure in 2013, Vernon assumed the role of a full-time producer, a position he has held for over a decade. The comments made by Strickland have sparked discussions about the relationship dynamics between hosts and producers in the podcasting world.


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