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Jarred Brooks compares Joshua Pacio to UFC legend Jose Aldo

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Calendar Icon28 February 2024

Jarred Brooks, despite emerging victorious in his initial bout against Joshua Pacio, is leaving no stone unturned as he prepares for their upcoming rematch.

The highly anticipated showdown between the two top strawweights is slated to take place at ONE 166 on March 1, hosted at the prestigious Lusail Sports Arena in Qatar.

Their first encounter, which unfolded at ONE 164 in 2022, saw Brooks securing the win. However, he encountered challenges in executing his grappling strategy throughout the fight.

Pacio's formidable takedown defense proved to be a significant obstacle, preventing Brooks from fully imposing his game plan. Although the defending champion's resilience kept him in the fight, it wasn't enough to clinch victory.

Reflecting on the lessons learned from their initial bout, Brooks recently spoke to the South China Morning Post, acknowledging Pacio's prowess while likening him to the legendary champion Jose Aldo.

In a quote provided to the publication, Brooks said, “His takedown defense was kind of like Jose Aldo. I mean it was really really good. He was planting his feet really really well, to where I couldn't lift his leg. But I've made some really really good adjustments and I think it's gonna show on March 1.”

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With the rematch looming, Brooks is focused on making the necessary adjustments to counter Pacio's strengths. As anticipation builds within the MMA community, all eyes will be on the Lusail Sports Arena as these two formidable fighters step into the cage once again.


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