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Israel Adesanya Charges Dismissed After DUI Case in a surprise turn

LockerRoom Team
04 February 2024

In the aftermath of being charged with driving under the influence in Auckland, New Zealand, last year, Israel Adesanya, former two-time middleweight mixed martial arts champion, navigated a legal journey marked by humility, remorse, and a subsequent dismissal of charges.

Adesanya swiftly pleaded guilty, publicly apologized, and opted against seeking "name suppression," a common practice in New Zealand where media refrains from publishing a defendant's name, even for those moderately well-known or famous.

These actions, coupled with concerns about the disproportionate impact of a criminal conviction on his high-profile career, led Judge Peter Winter of the Auckland District Court to dismiss the charges on Wednesday. Instead, Adesanya was directed to donate 1,500 New Zealand dollars (approximately $900) to a charity, face a six-month suspension of his driver's license, and enroll in a drunk-driving cessation program by the end of 2024. It's noteworthy that Adesanya had previously faced a charge of driving with a suspended license but was not convicted.

However, hours after the court ruling, Adesanya risked undermining the goodwill by mocking prosecutors on his Instagram account, boasting 8.5 million followers. The posts, which included illegal footage from within the court and an offensive song by American rapper Big Sean, were later deleted. New Zealand police are now in liaison with the court regarding potential consequences.

In a subsequent Instagram story on Thursday, Adesanya reflected on the importance of humility and avoiding entitlement. "Don't feel entitled to anything," he emphasized.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and a resident of New Zealand since the age of 10, Adesanya, at 34, is regarded as one of MMA's brightest talents. However, he acknowledges being in the "back end" of his career, having fought just four times in the past 14 months.

The DUI charge in August revealed a blood alcohol level of 0.087 percent, exceeding the legal limit in New Zealand (0.05 percent). Adesanya's argument, supported by his lawyer, emphasized that a conviction would disproportionately impact his career, potentially costing him substantial endorsements and prematurely halting his successful representation of New Zealand on the global stage.

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Addressing Adesanya during the dismissal, Judge Winter remarked, "I'm sure you have learned from this. You would not want to be placed in this position again, as you realize." The legal complexities surrounding Adesanya's case highlight the delicate balance between legal consequences and the potential ramifications on a high-profile athlete's career.


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