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Do not use it as an excuse: Islam Makhachev sends message to Volkanovski

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon11 October 2023

In the wake of the recent news that Alexander Volkanovski is stepping in to replace Charles Oliveira at UFC 294, Islam Makhachev has conveyed a message through X, expressing his respect for Volkanovski's willingness to take the fight on short notice.

Makhachev, no stranger to the intricacies of fight preparations, acknowledged the challenges of accepting a fight on short notice and extended his respect to Volkanovski for stepping up to the challenge.

In his message, Makhachev stated, "Respect for taking this fight on short notice, Alex, but don't use it as an excuse after the fight."

The camaraderie between fighters often extends beyond the octagon, and Makhachev's message reflects the acknowledgement of the difficulties associated with short-notice fights. While recognizing Volkanovski's valour in accepting the bout, Makhachev subtly emphasized the importance of accountability in the aftermath of the fight.

This unexpected turn of events adds an intriguing layer to UFC 294, promising an exciting showdown between two elite fighters who have showcased their skills in their respective weight classes.

As the MMA community eagerly anticipates this matchup, Makhachev's message adds an element of sportsmanship and mutual respect to the unfolding narrative.

What do you think of the message from Islam Makhachev? Let us know in the comments below.


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